Cheap Retro Gaming PC Build

Build a Cheap 1998 Retro Gaming PC

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For a long time now I’ve wanted to build a retro gaming PC. A retro PC build I can specifically use to play retro Windows and DOS games that are not longer compatible with modern versions of Windows. Retro PC Games like Grim Fandango, Sam & Max, POD, X-Com Apocalypse and many more. Sure I could… Read more »

Golden Joysticks 2014 Winners Announced

Golden Joysticks 2014 Awards Winners Announced

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Established in 1982, the Golden Joystick Awards is the world’s longest-running and best-known gaming awards ceremony. The only annual awards voted for by gamers, the Golden Joysticks is a highlight of the games industry calendar and one of our favourite UK events here at The Game Show. With over nine million votes cast this year,… Read more »

middle earth shadow of mordor game review

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Modern day power fantasy RPGs take their heed (at least in part) from Gygax and Arneson’s age-old pen and paper RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. There is a merovingian bloodline which can be traced between Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and even modern hybrid RPG shooters like Borderlands, stretching way back to the original Dungeon Master’s Guide from… Read more »

video games reviews uk

How The Game Show Rate Video Games

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Grading video games ain’t like dusting crops, boy. Every site out there takes different things into consideration when reviewing video games and The Game Show is no different. Critiquing video games on a dedicated level you’d most likely need to consider at least ten categories; design ethics, control schemes, game mechanics, emotional and creative stimuli;… Read more »

watch dogs xbox one ps4 review

Watch Dogs

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If you read my Black Flag review last year you’ll see I ended the review with something of a positive postulation about the direction which Ubisoft Montreal are taking with their new developments. With Far Cry 4 footage slowly emerging online and the Assassin’s Creed franchise entering higher echelons you can’t blame me for my… Read more »

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2 sees Elizabeth taking charge

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2

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After Irrational Games’ latest DLC, Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 left a pleasant by lacking taste in the mouth, all eyes were on this latest offering to take the downloadable series into the echelons on gaming, rather than interactive fiction. As series director Ken Levine’s last Bioshock project, Burial at Sea Episode 2… Read more »

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

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After MercurySteam’s 2010 release Castlevania: Lords of Shadow left me not only underwhelmed but wholeheartedly angry at the state of the Castlevania franchise it was with sincere trepidation that I put Lords of Shadow 2 into my disk tray. I was frank and brutal about the previous game but I stand by what I said…. Read more »

killzone shadow fall review multiplayer

Killzone Shadow Fall

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It’s official, the next generation is finally upon us. After what seems like an age, PlayStation 4 is launching with a handful of titles and a heart full of promises. The first game under review is Killzone Shadow Fall, which is mostly likely going to be the first game many UK gamers play on their PS4 as the… Read more »

Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1

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Bioshock Infinite ended on a clever and ironic note. If you’ve not played it or the first Bioshock game, then reading this review is likely to spoil those two games. I will endeavour not to give away any key plot elements for Burial at Sea Episode 1 but keep on your toes. As Infinite ended,… Read more »