Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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Lego Batman 2 starts with the Joker causing his usual brand of mayhem which Batman and Robin must clean up. A fairly simple task until Lex Luthor joins in on the action. This will require the help from Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and, well, pretty much every DC hero you can think of.… Read more »

nintendo 64 n64 review

Was the N64 any good?

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The following is the transcribe of a conversation between Matty B and Raff. Matty doesn’t think that the N64 was very good (which is already a pretty unpopular decision). Have a read and let us know what you think. Matty B: The N64 wasn’t that good a console – discuss Raff: Wrong, it was excellent…. Read more »


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The past few years have seen a lot of classic titles get 21st-Century updates – Shadowrun, Deus Ex and Bionic Commando spring to mind – and it would be fair to say that these titles are met with at best mixed reviews. Besides titles that incrementally update such as Street Fighter or Soul Calibur, it’s… Read more »

Pre-owned games, what happened?

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As console gaming gets bigger better and more enjoyable, are we being spoiled rotten by the big games publishers? The answer is no. Well – not if you’re buying pre-owned games anyway. I remember when, as a young boy, I didn’t have enough money to buy many of the games I wanted so desperately to… Read more »

sega saturn

Why You Should Own… A Sega Saturn

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When the Sega Saturn was released back in the rosy old days of yore, it failed for two reasons. One; it wasn’t a PlayStation and two; it wasn’t an N64. Even though the N64 was still a year away, gamers were willing to wait – I can remember having in-depth discussions about the anticipation building… Read more »

retro vs modern games

Old vs New – Are Modern Games Better?

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Raff and I (Matty B) have been having some heated discussions about the nature of the evolving games market. I maintain that video games are on a steady, downward slope into monotony and degradation, whilst Raff’s opinion is that we are in the golden age of gaming right now, and that my outdated opinions are… Read more »

Grim Fandango

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Tim Schafer could never be described as a one trick pony – unless that one trick is continually creating believable universes out of the most bizarre situations, time and time again making incredible games set in them. LucasArts’ Grim Fandango is one such game. Released for the PC only in 1998, Grim is in this… Read more »

Batman Arkham City

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When I was sixteen I read a comic book called Batman: No Man’s Land. The comic is based around a post-cataclysm Gotham, where the city has become walled-off from the rest of civilisation; a Kowloon of the United States. From within the walled city Batman struggles to maintain control with no police, with gangs running… Read more »

Tetris [Game Boy]

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One thing that always struck me as peculiar about Tetris is the unnervingly universal appeal. I’m yet to meet somebody who actively dislikes Tetris. It’s everywhere – there are a million clones on the internet, it’s on every device imaginable (including calculators) and people have even played it on the side of buildings. Sure, some… Read more »