bloodborne ps4 review


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There’s a very compelling argument that as yet, the PS4 and Xbox One lack a true must-have title. Yes there are good games, even great games but these are frequently enhanced versions of titles readily available on the last generation of consoles. As such, while the Wii U enjoys a renaissance with Mario Kart, Smash… Read more »

Bayonnetta 2 review

Bayonnetta 2

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It’s cards on the table time. This reviewer never actually liked the original Bayonnetta and couldn’t understand why people adored it. Whilst undeniably stylish, it was saddled with an unlikeable main character, overt and pandering objectification of the female form and instant death QTEs which came from nowhere. In every way it was a ridiculously… Read more »

Guardians in Destiny Bungie game review


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For all its hype, Destiny is far less innovative than you’d expect. Liberally taking a pinch of Mass Effect, a generous portion of Borderlands and a smattering of Dark Souls before mixing into the core Halo gameplay, it’s potentially a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly though, these ingredients work well together to form a surprisingly playable… Read more »

link in mario kart 8 on wii u

Mario Kart 8

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the Mario Kart series is practically blushing. So many derivative kart racers have vied for pole position but for the most part have stalled in the first lap. Oddly though, with Mario Kart 8 Nintendo seems to have become an imitator itself, clearly taking inspiration from… Read more »

The bonfire in Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II

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Everyone remembers their first time.  For this reviewer it was a moment born of optimism and stupidity.  Sneaking up upon a huge blue monster that was minding its own business, a quick sword slash was countered by being grabbed and quite literally consumed, followed by the soon to be familiar message ‘You Died’. For just… Read more »

Jodie played by Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls

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If you’ve watched our video revealing the top five PS3 games of all time you’ll already know how highly we rate Heavy Rain. An absolute masterclass in storytelling, it’s utterly absorbing and more than worthy of its inclusion. Beyond Two Souls however, is no Heavy Rain.   Returning to the more supernatural feel of previous… Read more »

disgaea d2 review

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

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Anyone who’s read the previous review for Disgaea 4 might recall this reviewer wondering where the series could go next. The answer, apparently, is by going back to basics. Indeed Disgaea D2 sets out its stall early by returning the original cast to the spotlight after a series of scene stealing cameos. Whilst welcome,… Read more »

Rayman Legends

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The Wii U’s underperformance might finally be a good thing. For it’s meant that the formerly exclusive Rayman Legends has been ported across to machines that people actually play. And let’s make no bones about it – this is great news for fans of 2011’s Rayman Origins. For Rayman Legends has improved upon almost every… Read more »

The Last of Us

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Zombies. Love or hate them they’re clearly here to stay.  Yet some developers, clearly keen to avoid gamer fatigue, are continually trying to do something different with the undead.  And with The Last of Us, Naughty Dog have put a surprisingly plausible and fresh spin on the mouldering concept. Taking their inspiration from the… Read more »