The Arkham Knight Armour

Arkham Knight

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Arkham Knight; this is a strange one to review. Depending on your format of choice results may vary, and vary wildly they will! I do not want to bring up the PC issues, as they have been documented en masse by the hooting 1% who talk about games on the Internet, and who have positively… Read more »

Q1 Game Releases Preview

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Where did 2014 go? While nowhere near as good as the fabled 2007, it was an acceptable year in terms of a good mix of innovative IPs and franchise follow-ups. With trepidation, it looks like 2015 may be slightly better. Here’s what game releases to look out for in Q1.   GTA V (PC) The… Read more »

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November Roundup

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Big releases in November was to the whole of 2014 as the metaphorical bus is to the old analogy. We’ve waited practically a year for an influx of major titles to be released and here comes a whole shed load of them at once. And much like the state of the public transport system here… Read more »

Far Cry 4

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This should be the easiest review to write with just a few simple questions- It is humbling to admit when you’re wrong, and after having very little fun playing Far Cry 2, I purposely gave Far Cry 3 the swerve until a full year after it was released. That turned out to be a huge… Read more »

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Another year, another Call of Duty title, and it’s about time that we really are getting something new. Hidden by the much smaller marketing budget, with no preview demos at the major expos and a press embargo on reviews until the midnight launch, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare seems to be very much a revamp… Read more »

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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It may not be on the expected consoles, but another very welcome Borderlands game is just about released. This time around you are with Jack, not against, as you follow his ascent to Borderlands 2 antagonist. Rumoured and announced in quick succession in April this year  the game no longer takes place on Pandora but… Read more »


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After 4 years in development, THREAKS finally bring us their labour of love in Beatbuddy; Tale of the Guardians. Featuring an all-star lineup of contributors including music from Grammy-Nominee Austin Wintory and story contribution from the outspoken and much-loved Rhianna Pratchett, the game has already made plenty of waves in terms of Awards and Recognition…. Read more »

Rocksmith review. Is Rocksmith worth it? Does Rocksmith work?

Rocksmith – good or bad?

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A short argument for you this time around; Matty B and Raff argue about the validity of Edu-tainment titles – Rocksmith in particular. Is it better to learn guitar the old-fashioned way or will gaming technology raise the next generation of rock stars? M: So – here’s something that bothers me. Games which aren’t technically… Read more »

Trials Evolution Origin of Pain review

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain [DLC]

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Trials Evolution is among the best Xbox Live arcade titles ever released, a big part due to the unbelievably flexible level creator tools and the geniuses creating and sharing all manner of tracks and homages to classic titles. Many a favourite game, from Asteroids and Missile Command to DOOM and Zelda have been recreated as… Read more »