Most Anticipated Video Games in 2015

Video games in 2015 is looking to be a good year. We’ve got the usual top-shelf franchises, trotting out their shiny new additions to the biggest franchises in gaming, but we also have some excellent-looking new IP, indie titles and a whole host of excellent video games in 2015. Looking at my release calendar, I wanted to jot down my most anticipated video games in 2015. BE warned, I’m not one for simulation racers and war-based FPS games. This list is purely my opinion.

Most Anticipated Video Games in 2015

Grim Fandango Remastered

January 27th

Grim Fandango is one of the best games of all time. I’m a massive fan. I built a retro gaming PC just to play the original game again. I mention my love for Grim and Tim Shafer in my Second Wind Psychonauts review video. If you’ve not played this (fairly) obscure PC adventure game from the tail-end of the point-and-click era, then now’s your chance to check it out. With Broken Age: The Complete Adventure (Release date TBC) on the horizon, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for Double Fine. Released on console and PC, let’s hope the Grim Fandango experience lends itself to both platforms equally. Who are we kidding? It’s a 90% game before I’ve even played it! #gameoftheyear


The Order: 1886

February 20th

It looks good. The first major PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886 needs to do more than look good, though. Graphics aren’t everything and the hum surrounding this game suggests that it’s likely to fall short of the mark. A 10-hour single player story with no multiplayer or co-op, The Order will be a hard sell for AAA prices. Redditor DeckardPain recently put up an AMA regarding the first two hours of the game, and something is rotten in Denmark. If developer Ready At Dawn can’t pull it out of the bag before the end of February, we might be looking at another Hellgate: London. There’s a big marketing push behind The Order 1886, so somebody is at least feigning confidence that this new IP will do well. I’m anticipating this game as it’s nice to see publishers launching bold, new IP. Regardless of how well The Order does, it’s nice that a company will trust the vision of this project’s creative director. I’ll give it a blast to do my part for capitalism.


Chaos Reborn


After raising 200 grand on Kickstarter last year, Julian Gollop is making a new game. Well, kind of. It’s actually a ground-up remake of his old Games Workshop Spectrum game, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. A turn-based fantasy strategy, Chaos sees players controlling opposing wizards who must summon creatures to do battle against one another. Think Age of Empires meets Magic: The Gathering, pre-dating both. Considering how highly I regarded XCOM: Enemy Unknown, (I put it at number two of our best video games in 2012) this was always going to be on my to-buy list. The turn-based strategy action of XCOM has been proven to still have market appeal. It was just a matter of time before more TBS titles started coming out of the woodwork. Look at the disproportionate number of Roguelikes and dungeon grinders which have been pumped at us in recent years – the 90s has come full circle. I hope we’ll see announcements for more strategy video games in 2015, Chaos Reborn launching us into a second renaissance.


Batman: Arkham Knight

June 2nd

Who among us isn’t looking forward to Batman? Sure, Origins sucked the big one, but I’ve got a good feeling about Arkham Knight. Although Warner Bros. Games Montreal are pegged as the official developers, Arkham Knight’s development has been undertaken by the original Rocksteady Studios guys and the game is headed up by creative director Sefton Hill, the head honcho responsible for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Not only are Rocksteady back in the game, but my main man Kevin Conroy is back as the voice of the Batman. Sorry, Roger Craig Smith – you voice a good Cap, but you were never going to take the cape and cowl from Conroy. The lush-looking Arkham Knight looks to be building on the meteoric success of the first two titles, pitching us a Batman at the top of his game. Driving Batmobiles, swooping about with that big swooshy cape and punching the bejesus out of evil-doers. That’s a day-one purchase right there.


Carmageddon: Reincarnation


Our pals over at Stainless Games have been taking their time with Carmageddon. Rightly so, as the game made unprecedented bank on Kickstarter back in 2012. A whole bunch of community-led live streams, blog updates and hard graft later, it looks like we’re finally getting the game. What more to say? CEO Patrick Buckland’s black sense of humour and acerbic attitude toward censorship shines in a game which seems to revel in Neanderthal simplicity. Vehicular homicide, big lobby multiplayer and more blood than you can shake an entire season of Spartacus at, this is one of the video games in 2015 I’m most looking forward to having a blast on.


No Man’s Sky

Just the idea that a game like No Man’s Sky is coming to PS4 is enough to make me smile. Lofty, big-promising games usually end in disappointment (see: Spore), but honestly I’m willing to be fooled all over again, just for five minutes with No Man’s Sky. A procedurally-generated universe I can explore; swooping about in my spaceship, touching down on one of an infinite number of planets, having a brief shufty, checking out some orange leafy dinosaurs then blasting off into space again? Over and over? I can’t see how that will get old. I’m not one for long games – I sidestepped Skyrim, Fallout 3 and anything with an average campaign of >15 hours. No Man’s Sky, though, looks like one of the video games in 2015 which will cause me to break my own rule.


Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars. Video Games. It’s a killer combination that almost never fails. I’m a sucker for all Star Wars games. Last year I put out a list of the best Star Wars games (in my opinion) and I mentioned in that how much I was looking forward to Battlefront. I’m not one for multiplayer but this looks like it will be fun, fun fun from beginning to end. I loved the first two titles on the PS2, and it’s about time we got a new update to this killer franchise.


The Room Three


Bit leftfield this one, but I love The Room games. Raff and I checked out Fireproof’s stand at last year’s EGX and I got to have a look at their upcoming mobile puzzler. To be honest we got distracted by Omega Agent VR which they were showing off on the Samsung Gear, but it doesn’t detract from this one bit. The Room is an excellent puzzler, one which is actually pretty good with two or more people throwing ideas in at the same time. The premise is excellent; with a small mystery expanding infinitely outwards to a time-and-space spanning epic. Go pick up the first two for your phone or tablet – you won’t regret it and I think you will also be looking forward to the latest part of this excellent casual trilogy.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


I think everybody wants to see Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog have been on a rise-and-rise since Crash Bandicoot and they’re showing no signs of dropping a clanger any time soon. The Uncharted games are consistently well-received by everybody, and despite the controversy surrounding the supposedly-realtime footage shown recently, it’s still a game to watch. E3 is rife with lies and deceit, but I think we can be sure than Uncharted 4 will still look extraordinary. With series stalwart and veteran voice star Nolan North now accompanied by the Benedict Cumberbatch of voice acting, Troy Baker, I’m sure we’re in for an impactful, emotional story as we (possibly) wave goodbye to one of the PlayStation’s greatest heroes.


Whore of the Orient


You know what game I actually found myself wanting to play again recently? LA Noire. Man, I loved that game. An amazing mixture of action, free-roaming, point-and-click adventure and puzzle solving, all set in a fantastic period setting, rich with the fine details of a well-realised game world. I was really fulsome about the game when it came out and despite the long-running controversy about the appalling conditions under which LA Noire was developed, I am hugely intrigued to see how Team Bondi’s spiritual successor turns out. Of course, it’s worth doing your research into this, as it would be a shame to fund amoral games development. Let’s keep our fingers crossed though that Team Bondi have learned how to treat their staff and how to ethically develop top-class video games.


Honourable mentions:

Always the retro gamer, I’m keenly looking forward to Metroid Prime Trilogy, Syberia III, Mario Party 10 and the triumphant return(ish) of Ratchet and Clank. I know I’ll be picking up Assassin’s Creed Victory when it hits. 2015 isn’t shaping up as the best year in gaming, but it’s looking like a good handful of titles will tide me over. There’s certainly enough out there for the hardcore and simulation gamers with Project Cars just peeping over the Horizon. This I’ve missed anything? Drop a comment below and chip in.