sega saturn

Sega Saturn Collecting in 2018

The Sega Saturn in 2018 The Sega Saturn was released in 1995 in Europe, the third console from the Japanese company who'd brought us the...

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango PC Game Review This is gonna be a long PC game review, because I love this adventure game! Released for the PC in...
fallout new vegas dlc review

Fallout New Vegas DLC Retrospective

Fallout New Vegas DLC Review The release of the final New Vegas DLC chapter Lonesome Road brings an end to the Courier’s journey through the...
resident evil 4 hd review

Resident Evil 4 HD

Resident Evil 4 HD Review Another year, another Resident Evil reboot. This time it's Resident Evil 4 HD.The zombies are gone and in come Las...
legend of zelda wind waker review

Why You Should Own The Wind Waker

I’m a self-confessed Zelda fanboy, and I’ve never hidden it. Much to the amusement and piss-taking of my mates, I’ve argued for years that...


Bioshock is the best game I've ever played. It's so good, I mourn for the fact I won't feel that way again.