Trials Evolution Origin of Pain review

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain [DLC]

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Trials Evolution is among the best Xbox Live arcade titles ever released, a big part due to the unbelievably flexible level creator tools and the geniuses creating and sharing all manner of tracks and homages to classic titles. Many a favourite game, from Asteroids and Missile Command to DOOM and Zelda have been recreated as… Read more »

Borderlands 2

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The almost surprising success of the first Borderlands prompted a sequel and moved the franchise from interesting new IP to the big leagues in the autumn release schedule. The original was a great time sink and one of the best meldings of fps, rpg and co-op I’ve played. The charm of the cel-shaded art style,… Read more »

Darksiders II

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The latest in Vigil / THQ’s apocalyptic action franchise delivers a predictable mélange of action, narrative and gameplay with a few kinks in the story along the way. Whilst the game itself is physically much larger than its younger sibling, the sequel ultimately delivers less to the gamer and is sorrowfully another banal sequel to… Read more »

Test Drive 4 PlayStation review

Test Drive 4

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Test Drive 4 – What I believe to be one of the cheapest race games I’ve ever played. It is not cheap because it’s bad as I still have had a lot of fun with it. All the elements are fundamentally good; a brilliant line up of fast cars, good looking graphics for a PlayStation… Read more »

Bust a Move 2 Saturn View

Bust-a-Move 2

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Bust-a-move 2 – aka Puzzle Bobble 2 – is loosely related to the fan favourite Bubble Bobble and a follow-up to previous foamy baffler Bust-a-Move, or Puzzle Bobble. The tiny and flawlessly cute Bub & Bob continue their divine quest to match coloured balls with similarly coloured balls and removing said group from the screen…. Read more »

Corpse Party review

Corpse Party

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Playstation Network might be home to some rarities, but a downloadable PSP remake of an original Japanese home computer title from 1996 surely edges out even Bishi Bashi Special. Ostensibly a survival horror title, the plot of Corpse Party sees a number of Japanese students being transported from their own school to the one that… Read more »

Pokémon Conquest

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Mashing up the gameplay elements of Pokemon with the traditional strategy of the Nobunaga’s Ambition series might seem a little peculiar but then did anyone really expect the union of Disney and Square to amount to anything? And just as Kingdom Hearts took people by surprise, placing Pokemon into a SRPG is such a good… Read more »

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

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Gamers could be forgiven for raising an eyebrow when they see an opening screen referring to the tenth anniversary of a series – especially when only two main titles have been released. For although numerous spin offs have expanded upon the Kingdom Hearts universe, the fact that we still haven’t seen number three makes the… Read more »

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

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Right on cue, as the British weather cleared up, Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade returned for another year, and hopefully it will amount to the quality we saw of 2011’s releases. Bastion, From Dust and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet were the big hitters last time around, and only time will tell if this year’s offerings will… Read more »