pod 1997 ubisoft pc racing game

POD (Planet of Death)

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POD PC Review POD is a 90s post-apocalyptic futuristic racing PC game. Remember when there was loads of these futuristic racing games back in the day? You’ve got your wipEouts, your F-Zeroes and among them all you’ve got this classic from Ubisoft, POD. The reason I remember POD so well is that we got this… Read more »

star wars dark forces retro dos review

Star Wars: Dark Forces

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Star Wars: Dark Forces DOS PC Review In the opening cutscene of Dark Forces, we see Mon Mothma hire a mercenary called Kyle Katarn to infiltrate an imperial facility and steal the Death Star plans. The Alliance contact Katarn again after a rebel base is destroyed by black-clad stormtroopers. Kyle discovers The Empire are building… Read more »

The Dig

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The Dig PC Review The Dig tells the story of a five astronauts tasked with altering the course of an enormous asteroid on a collision course with Earth. It’s discovered early on that this asteroid is hollow, and three of these astronauts suddenly find themselves engaged in the most significant scientific and spiritual discovery in… Read more »

Test Drive 4 PlayStation review

Test Drive 4

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Test Drive 4 – What I believe to be one of the cheapest race games I’ve ever played. It is not cheap because it’s bad as I still have had a lot of fun with it. All the elements are fundamentally good; a brilliant line up of fast cars, good looking graphics for a PlayStation… Read more »

Bust a Move 2 Saturn View

Bust-a-Move 2

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Bust-a-move 2 – aka Puzzle Bobble 2 – is loosely related to the fan favourite Bubble Bobble and a follow-up to previous foamy baffler Bust-a-Move, or Puzzle Bobble. The tiny and flawlessly cute Bub & Bob continue their divine quest to match coloured balls with similarly coloured balls and removing said group from the screen…. Read more »

Resident Evil 4

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2005: Resident Evil 4 – the 14th game in the series – is released exclusively on the underperforming GameCube. The public expected another solidly-built and well-marketed product but ultimately a wholly uninspiring release. As seen in the majority of franchises that get into double digits of title, straying from the norm can be your downfall;… Read more »

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64]

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Assumptions will be made below, as if you haven’t played, let alone heard of Ocarina of Time, you must have stumbled onto a gaming website by accident. If so, welcome to you! There is earnestly nothing new to say about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, no hyperbole that hasn’t been used over and… Read more »


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One thing that the C64 was never short of was shoot em ups.  And whilst on the surface, gamers could be forgiven for thinking that Paradroid is just another example of this genre, scratching just a little below this veneer revealed a very different game. Released in 1985, Paradroid puts the player in control of… Read more »


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In the entertainment industry, critical acclaim and commercial success rarely go hand in hand.  Whilst this is arguably less true in the games industry, it nevertheless remains the case that an original title, no matter how good it is, will frequently be overlooked in favour of a recognised IP with a number after its title. … Read more »