The Arkham Knight Armour

Arkham Knight

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Arkham Knight; this is a strange one to review. Depending on your format of choice results may vary, and vary wildly they will! I do not want to bring up the PC issues, as they have been documented en masse by the hooting 1% who talk about games on the Internet, and who have positively… Read more »

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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Lego Batman 2 starts with the Joker causing his usual brand of mayhem which Batman and Robin must clean up. A fairly simple task until Lex Luthor joins in on the action. This will require the help from Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and, well, pretty much every DC hero you can think of.… Read more »

Batman Arkham City

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When I was sixteen I read a comic book called Batman: No Man’s Land. The comic is based around a post-cataclysm Gotham, where the city has become walled-off from the rest of civilisation; a Kowloon of the United States. From within the walled city Batman struggles to maintain control with no police, with gangs running… Read more »