splatoon wii u review


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I’ve recently concocted a bit of a theory about Nintendo. As soon as Nintendo get onto something, it pretty much signifies that that thing in particular is over. Nintendo have historically taken the smarter path, letting other companies develop technology or methodology, then sweeping in later to refine said technology. This explains Ninty’s slow adoption… Read more »

Bayonnetta 2 review

Bayonnetta 2

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It’s cards on the table time. This reviewer never actually liked the original Bayonnetta and couldn’t understand why people adored it. Whilst undeniably stylish, it was saddled with an unlikeable main character, overt and pandering objectification of the female form and instant death QTEs which came from nowhere. In every way it was a ridiculously… Read more »

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Mario Kart 8

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the Mario Kart series is practically blushing. So many derivative kart racers have vied for pole position but for the most part have stalled in the first lap. Oddly though, with Mario Kart 8 Nintendo seems to have become an imitator itself, clearly taking inspiration from… Read more »

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate guest review by Jon Beach An early encounter in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate pits you against a squawking, red breasted tropical bird three times your size. Even by this point in the game, you’ll no doubt be feeling pretty confident, having recently bested several baby Velociraptor types and their daddy, the Great… Read more »

Pokémon Conquest

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Mashing up the gameplay elements of Pokemon with the traditional strategy of the Nobunaga’s Ambition series might seem a little peculiar but then did anyone really expect the union of Disney and Square to amount to anything? And just as Kingdom Hearts took people by surprise, placing Pokemon into a SRPG is such a good… Read more »

Resident Evil 4

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2005: Resident Evil 4 – the 14th game in the series – is released exclusively on the underperforming GameCube. The public expected another solidly-built and well-marketed product but ultimately a wholly uninspiring release. As seen in the majority of franchises that get into double digits of title, straying from the norm can be your downfall;… Read more »

nintendo 64 n64 review

Was the N64 any good?

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The following is the transcribe of a conversation between Matty B and Raff. Matty doesn’t think that the N64 was very good (which is already a pretty unpopular decision). Have a read and let us know what you think. Matty B: The N64 wasn’t that good a console – discuss Raff: Wrong, it was excellent…. Read more »

Kid Icarus: Uprising [3DS]

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With the 3DS playing host to remakes, updates and sequels in place of genuinely new titles and the rumour mill of forthcoming games doing little to change this trend, players could be forgiven for largely ignoring Kid Icarus as yet another remake – albeit of a game that they had never played. And given the… Read more »

Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels [SNES]

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Konami sure know how to make a video game. If I had to list my top ten developers due to their output in the nineties I would rate Konami right up there in the top three. Castlevania, Parodius, Sunset Riders and the incredible X-Men Arcade all spring to mind. Top of the pile here though… Read more »