the joy of ssx

The Joy of SSX

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After months of nothingness and just before the madness that will be the Mass Effect 3 release, EA have brought a little gem to market in the form of SSX, with limited advertising and cautious optimism. I believe even EA didn’t expect the success they are seeing; a number of retailers told me their allocation… Read more »


PlayStation Vita

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Given that the PSP never really set the world alight and lost out to the technically inferior DS, the decision to release a new console into the increasingly crowded market of handhelds, phones and tablets is perhaps a little surprising. And as the Vita is technically far superior to its nearest obvious rival, people could… Read more »

Pre-owned games, what happened?

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As console gaming gets bigger better and more enjoyable, are we being spoiled rotten by the big games publishers? The answer is no. Well – not if you’re buying pre-owned games anyway. I remember when, as a young boy, I didn’t have enough money to buy many of the games I wanted so desperately to… Read more »

sega saturn

Why You Should Own… A Sega Saturn

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When the Sega Saturn was released back in the rosy old days of yore, it failed for two reasons. One; it wasn’t a PlayStation and two; it wasn’t an N64. Even though the N64 was still a year away, gamers were willing to wait – I can remember having in-depth discussions about the anticipation building… Read more »

retro vs modern games

Old vs New – Are Modern Games Better?

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Raff and I (Matty B) have been having some heated discussions about the nature of the evolving games market. I maintain that video games are on a steady, downward slope into monotony and degradation, whilst Raff’s opinion is that we are in the golden age of gaming right now, and that my outdated opinions are… Read more »

fallout new vegas dlc review

Fallout New Vegas – DLC Retrospective

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The release of Lonesome road brings an end to the Courier’s journey through the post apocalyptic Las Vegas wastes, and with it the last chapter in the Fallout New Vegas tale. Although DLC has normally been delayed and sometimes unfavourably reviewed, Obsidian kept their promise of continual support for New Vegas with 4 servings of… Read more »

legend of zelda wind waker review

Why You Should Own… Wind Waker

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I’m a self-confessed Zelda fanboy, and I’ve never hidden it. Much to the amusement and piss-taking of my mates, I’ve argued for years that not only is ‘The Legend of Zelda’ the best game series of all time, but that The Wind Waker is the best of the bunch. Nintendo went in an unexpected direction… Read more »